How EntreYou is different from other programs:

  • Our PERSONALIZED BUSINESS PROGRAMS are created and tested with over 500 business leaders in mind. Every program is built and tested based on a specific customer need to ensure that you get results.
  • We provide TAILORED RESULTS in our programs, meaning these aren’t cookie cutter programs that won’t fit your needs. Within each program is a workbook or resources that help you to apply what you learn to your actual business. It’s not hypothetical information that may or may not work – it’s proven to work.
  • The programs we offer have INFORMATION THAT MAKES SENSE FOR THE STAGE OF BUSINESS YOU’RE IN. You can build a business, turn a side hustle into your main gig, or grow your existing company with relevant and timely resources.

About Our Philosophy:

  • Learning is the foundation for building a good business strategy. We set goals to improve your mindset and productivity in addition to building business acumen.
  • Accountability allows you to implement your strategy with support and implementation that makes sense and makes money.
  • Feedback helps you to make decisions, shifts, and gain support. Our programs focus on feedback the helps you build a strong company that lasts.
about page image of Nicole Royer, founder of EntreYou

Nicole Royer, owner of The Great Idea People, Innovation Revolution, and Connect Your Board, has helped over 500 business owners achieve success with their companies through coaching, masterminds, accelerators, and online courses. She was featured in Stu Heinecke’s best-selling book “Get the Meeting” and on his “How to Get a Meeting with Anyone” podcast. In March 2023, she is launching an online learning and support platform for business owners called EntreYou (

She attended Walden University for business and organizational psychology and continuously autodidacts by learning from innovators worldwide. Her work has been featured in Business Insider, The Startup, and Multiplier Magazine. Nicole frequently works with universities, municipalities, and organizations to overcome challenges with innovation and startup processes in community- and corporate-focused projects. In 2022, she was the expert advisor for Pacific Community Venture’s Small Business Basics cohort, where she guided startup and growing businesses on the fundamentals necessary to succeed. With this partnership, she is launching a lending readiness accelerator program for socially and economically disadvantaged individuals this spring.

Currently, she is located near Winston-Salem, North Carolina where she lives with her fiance and their children.